10 Most Iconic Combination Mark Logos

With a market value index of 2.2 billion USD, Microsoft's combination logo is the most powerful logo in the corporate world

Combination marks are the widely used logotype of successful businesses and brands in the world. Out of the top 100 successful companies, 61 of them utilize this logo design. It is a graphic that includes both text and a symbol. The concept of minimalism in a symbol and name that reflects your … Read more

12 Famous Logos from the 1960s

Shell's recent logo has experienced a significant shift over time. The famous clamshell, though, remains its distinct symbol.

A firm’s logo serves as a way for the public to associate its services or goods with the company. It’s a crucial part of a company’s branding. Without it, the public will be unable to distinguish between businesses and thus will be unable to demand a specific standard of quality from the … Read more

10 Well-Known Companies with Minimalist Logos

Apple's sophisticatedly simple logo says a lot and is a powerful status symbol

The aesthetic use of minimalism is attributed back to the Japanese. Their idea of “ma” which means the space between two objects is greatly used in their creative designs. Minimalism is a good choice if you want a logo that does a lot with a little. You might find inspiration in minimalist … Read more

10 Most Recognizable Logos Worldwide

The Coca-Cola logo is undisputedly one of the most recognizable time-tested logos worldwide.

To put it simply, logos are images, phrases, shapes, or a combination of many ideas that depict the name and purpose of a company. A logo is more than just a symbol of identity, it conveys the company’s story by delivering the brand message. It’s carefully, and meticulously well-designed in a way that helps your … Read more

What Are The Top SaaS Businesses and Their Logos?

Business on Amazon

Software as a service or SaaS is a cloud-based application service for which the users pay  a subscription basis. The utilization of SaaS applications had witnessed a huge increase in the past couple of years. Today, accounting, marketing, human resources, and all other fields use such applications along with their features. Studies … Read more

Most Iconic Business Logos of the 1960s


The 1960s is by far one of the most memorable decades in history. From Hollywood to fashion, technology, sports, and television, the 1960s pop culture trends range from being audacious, hippie to revolutionary – all contributing to the awe-inspiring period. Reflecting these changes were business logos, which also needed to evolve to … Read more